Like a real-life altar in my home, or a church, temple or other sacred place, this digital platform is where I gather and lovingly arrange my most precious treasures of the moment. Morsels of the beauty I see in the world, insights I gain, blessings and intuitions I receive, griefs I'm stricken with, poems I write, photos I take and art I make. 

As with other altars, this is the place in which I'll be making sacrifices also. I'll sacrifice the thoughts, beliefs, self-loathing, shame and relationships which no longer serve me...and therefore our world. This is a place to offer up the totality of myself to the ritual fires of transformation - the beautiful, the wondrous...and the dead wood.

This is my memoir of sacred moments.


I'm a writer, photographer, circus teacher and seeker. I live on a little slice of New Zealand paradise with wood cabins, a food forest, a crystal clear creek and native forest wilderness (and family and duckies).

I love to grow nourishing food and herbs, watch birds, ritualise the meaningful moments of life with sacred ceremony and just generally be awed by the beauty of this weird and wonderful world,

I also love to stretch and dangle my body - yoga, handstands, adagio, trapeze, lyra and silks are all passions of mine. I'm very lucky to have my own circus school in the rural town in which I live.

I believe that sharing our stories is what connects us, and collectively heals us. Here I share some of my stories...

Treesa Green x

I send my missives from the heart via email (infrequently!) If you'd like to share in my sacred moments then please sign up, I'd love to connect with you!

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