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"...in the midst of winter I found there was,

within me an invincible  summer..."
Albert Camus

This was me, at dawn, on my birthday a few years ago - my birthday is in the middle of winter so it's zero degrees! Needless to say I was happy to find a semblance of summer in the vivid yellow wall and bright blue sky.

I am a nature lover, photographer, gardener, circus teacher, writer, daydreamer and paper-crafter. I'm based in Little River, on the beautiful Banks Peninsula of Aotearoa/New Zealand, co-habitating with my partner, daughter, flock of duckers and a menagerie of other wild creatures. I live in my perfect kind of kiwi paradise - an extensive food forest, rocky creek and native bush with a couple of cosy cabins to shelter ourselves in.

I am a self-confessed seeker, introvert (mostly) and bird-stalker. I live for the quiet, where I can truly hear the thrumming heartbeat of our natural world. Thanks for stopping by!